We are happy you are teaming up with us to make a significant impact in your life as well as in the lives of others worldwide.

Below we have a list that tracks all the good we did so far. Each impact signifies 1 unit of giving. 1 impact could = 1 day of business training/ 1 day of food/ 1 day of vitamins/ 1 brick for a future school and so on.

Come back here regularly and see how much good we can do together with discipline and implication in our businesses, plus the impact it has over time in all our lives.


Goal is to educate, help and empower people to protect themselves and their families by maintaining their health in good standing.
Each impact means at least 1 person is saved from life threatening illnesses.


Our desire is to stimulate entrepreneurship and craftmanship for the better of the individual and their entire community.
Each impact means at least 1 person received aid to reshape his and his community’s life.

TOGETHER we are a HUB that impacts the entire globe