All of these clients worked very hard, followed the REAL Coaching strategies to the best of their abilities, invested money into their business at their own risk, and overcame multiple challenges to succeed. Do not assume, under any circumstances, that your results will look like theirs. Your business is different, and so your results will be different.

We are proud to have been part of their journey and to watch them grow and succeed!

Heather York

"The first thing that we noticed was that in the first 5 months that we worked with the coaches, we did see a double increase in our sales, and then in January I went to a live conference that was like a workshop, one on one with the coaches. From there our partners and I made a target that we wanted to we wanted to hit $200,000 in a 30-day period, and, at the time, we were at $132,000. So, we were doing well, but we wanted to do better...within just under 2 months (later), we not only hit the $200,000 target, but we actually hit $300,000 in sales (in a 30-day period)."

Heather York

"I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the mentors for their help...and for being available and so active in the group.

We've reached our highest ever day in sales, and it's still climbing! I know that we have done the work, and (I am) not giving you all the credit...LOL...but seriously, thank you."

Julie Sirgusa

"I tell everyone that there's no way I could've done it without your assistance. You guys really do a lot of handholding, and helped me through every step of the process. I loved the spreadsheets. They gave me a lot of clarity on my numbers, and I loved that you helped us set the 30, 60, and 90 day goals as well as the SMART really helped cement my vision and my 'why' and what the goal was."

Tony Charmley

"After 5 years in this business, I've finally hit the 100k club today! Thank you Team REAL. Without doing your training, I don't think I would be posting these 30 day numbers. Time to crack open a bottle of the bubbly."

Cory Smith

"I nearly doubled my sales from one year to the next...Thanks so much for all you do! My 2 young daughters get to see a lot more of their Daddy because of your help!"

Jo Cumberpatch

"Between the coaches' input and the content I had access to and the notes I took and all the connections I business doubled over that year...But that wasn't even the exciting thing. Actually, what I did during that year was rebrand, pulled my product portfolio back to one product, got rid of the rest, canned them. Yet still doubled. And it became easier. I'd been fighting, struggling for every sale, nervous about what Amazon might do to me next, whether they would shut me down or my ASIN would get suspended...and it changed that year. Things still went wrong, but I had a community that I could go to to tell me what I needed to do. "

Jo Cumberpatch

"Ok this just got REAL...10X the sales in USA!!! 14X in the UK)"

Jo Cumberpatch

Here are the two screenshots of Jo's sales from the quote above.

James Isbell

"The best thing about Sprint to Profit is the ability to have not only one but four experienced Amazon sellers to talk about things, to talk about your business, ideas, as well as input and feedback on the things you have done in the past...their specific methodologies, the way they do things was just above and beyond."

James Isbell

"I had very little confidence in myself regarding my Amazon Business. I had been selling on Amazon for almost 2 years...6 months later, after applying the methods/techniques learned and from Team Real, my Amazon business and my confidence has made a 180 degree turn."

Kristin Blackmore

"Yesterday, I gained 'Amazon's Choice' badge for my main keyword, and then today gained 'Bestseller' - and hit 100k in past 5 months on my new launch."

Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub

"I met with Kirsty, Amanda, and then I met with Isaac. It was obvious to me right away that I need to join the REAL training...I felt I would have coaches that would hand-hold me across the steps and processes."

Kevin Iddings

"I spent time improving product listings. Applied the training concepts around benefit driven bullets, photos and A+ content to send a cohesive, on point, benefits driven message to the it's converting at almost 28% compared to 22% before the updates which is fantastic!"

Marili Steyn

"Hey mentors - you are my super heroes. Just had my first just over 10k (GBP) mth and got another product launched this mth. Am over the moon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - love you guys"

Shane Horan

"I had always tried to do things on my own, but I just decided to get some real training and get to know the right people. I think it's definitely going to put me in the right direction."

Jennifer Marquiss

"I have been on fire getting things done for the past week...Thanks for the guidance on the planning as well as setting achievable targets. It has made a big difference to me!"

Brian Robert

"Last year went quite well for me...I made a vow to myself that I'll wait to send a friend request to Isaac Kuhlman and Kirsty Verity till I hit $100k/month. That was 2 years back. After buying 4 different Amazon courses, I'm thankful I found you guys."

Noelia Gallo

"I think it's definitely going to make me more profitable. I've already started seeing good signs in my keyword ranking."

Carol Ovchinnikova

"I'm forever thankful for the generous support and motivation from this amazing REAL community, the mentors...and the very special group of people who have become great friends. As they say, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going.' Let's do this!"

Carol Ovchinnikova

Here is a screenshot from Carol from her quote above

Regan Blee

Hey guys, just thought I'd share with you the impact the coronavirus lockdowns have had on my business this month so far. ... Profit % has increased to 39% and revenue has jumped .... $384,373 sales revenue in March!

Steve Pierre-Louis

"What that workshop brought to me was a lot of clarity, because when you are working from home, watching the videos, it's one thing...But being in the workshop environment, it gives you the direction of what to do next."

Michael Ramos

"For everyone out there, this business and lifestyle is possible! You just gotta work hard at it every single day. I am now fully committed to my business and doing this full time."

Jeff Smith

"$51,089 sales and $20,863 profit in April 2020...You are in the right group with the right mentors."

Chris Castillo

"Guys, I have 20 great products for my new brand, that my ideal client would want to buy, and is viable and profitable. This is huge! I essentially have a product roadmap for my business for the next 4-5 years."

Clint Skidmore

"Things have changed a lot. It's just in a sense, a REAL business. There's no difference in this than if I started a construction business."

Tim Shelton

"Been selling on Amazon for 2 years. Year 1 was great, did some training, got results. Year 2 teamed up with Kirsty and Isaac mentoring. Set a goal to travel around the world with my family, living well off my Amazon business. Well, guess what? 12 months later, and it is ciao from Italy!!"

Tim Shelton

Here is a screenshot from Tim to show how he did 7 times his sales from one year to the next, and he did almost $39,000 in profit in just the month of December in 2016.

Tim Shelton

Tim also sent us a screenshot of his December from 2017 where he did over $77,000 in PROFIT in a single month.

Rebecca Scanlon

"Posting for what's possible - My Black Friday deal got suppressed at the time it was to start. I had another deal on Nov. 25th for one of my newer products that's only doing okay....Today I experienced my first ever Cyber Monday deal. I sold in 5 hours what a year ago I hoped to do in 30 days..."

Rebecca Scanlon

This is Rebecca's September screenshot from 2017 as well showing it's not always just Christmas time that does well for sellers.

Sarah Dashfield

"I have had this milestone sitting in front of me for 18 is the excited!!"

Debbie Thompson

"My best day yet with no deals. Just posting to show that boring products can have good sales - crap in summer but great over Christmas. Best month with sales over $179k and todays sales almost $16k. Thanks everyone especially Isaac and Kirsty for guidance, help, and keeping me sane."

Frank Foley

"WHOOP - We hit our $50k goal a couple of weeks ago, but today we hit our super-duper-wouldnt-it-be-nice-if goal. K and I ROCKS!"

Frank Foley

Here is a screenshot showing how Frank more than doubled his sales from one year to the next - 2016 to 2017 - by working with REAL Coaching.

Rahul Mehta

Rahul was excited to share his ONE DAY sales from Cyber Monday in 2017. It was his personal best at the time.

Paul Grimm

"Best Day Ever! Sales for Black Friday Nov 24, 2017"

These are all REAL Clients. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they say about us either verbally or in written/text form.

Specific results shared are NOT typical.

These are all extraordinary business owners and entrepreneurs with tremendous work ethic. They worked their butts off and pushed through huge challenges to succeed.

No business is easy. It takes hard work, and the risk of investing your own time, money and effort.

We have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. Though we have no reason to disbelieve them as they are clients we have worked with intimately. Take all the results with a grain of salt.