Ep.91 How to Position Your Amazon Business for the Best Possible Exit with Ben Leonard from Ecombrokers.co.uk

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode we’re speaking with Ben Leonard from Ecombrokers.co.uk. We’ll be talking about the reasons why looking to exit your Amazon business can and is a great perspective. If you don’t understand the right time to exit, or don’t scrutinize the fees, commissions, and agreements involved, you could regret your decision for not having dug deeper. Ben is here to help you avoid those mistakes so you can get the most out of your business.

Today, Ben talks about his journey into the world of business exits and acquisitions. He shares the lessons he learned as well as some best practice tips for you, so you will be prepared to sell, when the time is right.

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Talking Points
00:23 Hello and Welcome
01:09 Ben’s background and how he founded EcomBrokers
05:02 How Ecombrokers works with Amazon sellers specifically
13:00 The lessons Ben learned from the exiting process
20:22 The preferred situation for an Amazon seller who wants to exit their business
26:07 How do you know if you’re ready?
35:00 The biggest mistake that Amazon sellers make
43:55 Final thoughts
45:21 Conclusion
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