Ep.9 Copywriting to Get the Best Conversion with Rebecca Scanlon from The Conversion Cure

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. This is Kirsty and Isaac and we developed this podcast to help highlight the very best strategies on how to grow your Amazon business as well as how to plan for your future growth and lifestyle.

Today we are talking with friend and colleague Rebecca Scanlon, from The Conversion Cure. We’re talking about the characteristics of an ideal client and how to connect with them so you can solve their needs (and not just see them as a dollar grab). How do you write to them? Rebecca also shares her story behind her business, how she got into the business, and what she’s learned from taking Kirsty and Isaac’s workshop.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction and Who We Are
02:14 Rebecca’s story and the story behind The Conversion Cure
04:54 What Rebecca learned from Kirsty & Isaac’s workshop
08:00 Connecting with your ideal market
10:17 Only focusing on traffic is potentially dangerous
13:09 Rebecca’s process for creating a listing
17:32 Tips for a new lister
21:03 Guidelines on how often to optimize
23:00 Main characteristics of an ideal client
26:53 How to narrow down your ideal client
28:10 How to use the conversion on your listing & a secret gold mine
30:53 Turning features into solutions for your ideal client
34:50 It’s so simple, people forget about it
35:51 Does good copy help your reviews?
37:36 Getting in contact with Rebecca
40:00 Thanks and conclusion
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