Ep.81 Stop Flogging Dead Products – Why Your Time and Money Are Worth More Elsewhere

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. Have you chosen products that don’t bring back any cash to your business or to you personally, but you just can’t let those products go? Usually, sellers aren’t able to let go of these dead products because of emotional baggage they have attached to that product. But, these products aren’t our children. It is okay to let these products go. After all, there are plenty of reasons why products just don’t work out.

Today, we are talking about how and why you should drop these products and spend your time, energy, and money elsewhere.

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Talking Points
00:23 Hello and Welcome
01:00 Introduction and the four key things
04:40 How to identify a dud product
10:00 Changing your mindset and what to do with that product
15:25 How to stop choosing dud products in the future
20:31 Focusing on products that will help your business grow
28:48 Summary
29:14 Conclusion