Ep.8 Strategic Ways to Make Your Sponsored Ads Work for You with Tim Peakman of Sponsored Profit

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. This is Kirsty and Isaac and we developed this podcast to help highlight the very best strategies on how to grow your Amazon business.

Today we are joined by Tim Peakman of Sponsored Profit, a service that is “obsessively passionate about helping sellers get better results with Amazon Advertising”. Tim shares with us, some of the secrets and some of his techniques for figuring out if sponsored ads will work for you and your product(s). He’ll also pose and answer some questions for us: What is Tim’s 80/20 rule? When does PPC work? When does it not work? Why is the search term report so important? What is the right mindset?

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction and Who We Are
01:21 Tim’s background and how he started Sponsored Profit
04:03 Simplifying and understanding how to profit max and when to invest
05:07 Is PPC the solution?
08:53 Does the seller have the right mindset?
13:47 Where is the opportunity?
16:16 The first goal to understanding PPC
17:30 The second goal to understanding PPC
19:00 3 Actionable Tactics
30:15 Sales Attribution Window
31:20 Tips on how to read a search term report
37:00 Not all products/marketing combinations work well
38:39 Tim’s current projects for Amazon sellers and clients
40:17 Tim’s contact info
40:51 Summarizing and conclusion
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