Ep.73 How to Use Key Data Points to Run Your Business Better with Rob te Braake of Finance Insights Matter

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. Today, we’re speaking with Rob te Braake, the founder of Finance Insight Matters. Rob, along with his co-founder Maj Juico, have worked for the past few years on a mission to help eCommerce sellers understand their business better by following the key data points that help tell people what actions they need to take.

In this episode, Rob talks with us about the importance of cash flow and following the data. He also talks about financing options, what Finance Insight Matters can do for Amazon sellers, and about how his background helps him and his clients push through common seller misconceptions about financing.

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Talking Points
00:23 Hello and Welcome
01:10 Rob’s background and journey into Amazon
02:50 Some key financial concepts people ignore
05:50 The first things Rob asks clients to show them
09:11 Combating self-sabotage (in terms of income)
12:48 What Finance Insight Matters does to help
15:00 Following the data, not your instincts
18:26 How Finance Insight Matters helps Amazon sellers
18:00 Financing advice for Amazon sellers
26:11 Best financing options for Amazon sellers
32:43 Contacting Rob
33:07 Last minute tips
34:46 Conclusion
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