Ep.7 9 Top Tips on How to Be Proactive for Your Amazon Business Facing the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. This is Kirsty and Isaac and we developed this podcast to help highlight the very best strategies on how to grow your Amazon business.

We’re living in an uncertain time. People are anxious about what’s going on around us. Now is the time to be proactive on what we can control and one of those things is how we run our Amazon business. Today we have 9 tips to help you do just that. Not only are we going to try to cover some positives that we can focus on while the world is in crisis, we also cover the current trends and what markets are spiking, as well as tips on how to manage your stock, cash flow, and factories in this time of influx.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction and Who We Are
00:45 Background on the current events: COVID-19 pandemic
03:08 Some positives to focus on in this time of crisis
10:02 What is currently happening on Amazon because of COVID-19
12:47 Current trends on Amazon
18:15 Stock management
19:10 Priority #1: Take care of yourself and your family
20:07 Tip #1: Look for a secondary factory instead of replacing your China-based factory
24:30 Tip #2 Managing stock: think outside the box
26:32 Third-Party Fulfillment/Warehouse (3PF) versus Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
31:19 Tip #3: Manage cash flow with existing products instead of launching new products
31:51 Tip #4: Stick to your plan
33:33 Tip #5: Get creative to find the best solutions as new challenges arise
34:49 Tip #6: Use the time with home productively and well
37:21 Tip #7: Try out some new things (now that you have time)
38:25 Tip #8: Make sure your business is as lean as possible
40:15 Tip #9: Now isn’t the best time to jump in if you’re brand new
41:36 Summary and Conclusion