Ep.53 Amazon Selling Insights from a Seller & Coach with Regan Blee

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we are talking with seller and coach Regan Blee. Regan shares his background and his story of leaving the corporate world and joining the Amazon seller community. As a coach, he helps so many sellers make the best decisions for their businesses. Today he shares a bit of his wisdom about setting up your business, what data to look at, what hurdles to anticipate if you are a new seller, and the common mistakes that all sellers make. Regan lets us in on his most valued piece of advice for new sellers as well.

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Talking Points
00:23 Hello and Welcome
01:50 Regan’s background and story
07:25 What made Regan choose the Amazon life
09:15 The journey of working with others
13:10 Regan on switching your mindset
16:18 How has the industry changed
18:46 Regan’s hurdles in Amazon
22:49 Common mistakes Regan tends to see during Year One
27:08 Core mistakes to avoid and where to find gold
33:30 Data and processed that are required of Amazon sellers
41:45 Other tips or ideas from Regan