Ep.5 How to Use Facebook Messenger to Scale Your Amazon Business with Michelle Barnum Smith

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. This is Kirsty and Isaac and we developed this podcast to help highlight the very best strategies on how to grow your Amazon business.

Today we’re talking with friend and colleague, Michelle Barnum Smith. Michelle is the founder and CEO of Your Marketing Therapy. She teaches sellers how to use Facebook Messenger to build their lists and scale their businesses. As CEOs, we can get so bogged down with other tasks and important to-dos, that building our lists often feels like a daunting task.

Michelle breaks it down so it’s easier and more effective for busy entrepreneurs and technophobes like us.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction and Who We Are
00:45 What Michelle does
2:10 Michelle’s entrepreneurial journey and her background
7:00 Lessons taught by experience
08:00 Using lessons from different experiences/jobs
10:03 What do you use chatbots for in an Amazon business?
11:28 Michelle’s presentation
14:45 Facebook’s love language: engagement
18:40 Facebook “the drug dealer”
19:00 Facebook’s change in its ad platform in 2020
19:45 How to effectively use mini-chat
20:30 Facebook paid or sponsored messages
22:23 Running Facebook’s regular ads
23:00 One-time notification request
28:00 Sending a message
35:00 Facebook ad vs broadcast
38:38 Generating hype
41:10 Limitations and Restrictions for the one-time notifications
42:41 Strategies using these techniques
49:53 Reviews and tags
55:07 The importance of having a calendar/schedule
55:23 Michelle’s course
56:34 Re-ranking campaigns
61:50 Unsubscribe options
63:10 Conclusion and getting a hold of Michelle
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