Ep.40 Coaching Insight About Key Mistakes Most Sellers Make with Amanda Tucker

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we are talking to the nurturer and mama bear of our coaching team, Amanda Tucker. Between her experience and a seller and her experience as a coach, she has a lot of valuable advice and tips for new and experienced sellers. Today we go over her journey into the industry, common beginner mistakes, mistakes that “expert” sellers make, and the various coaching methods and personalities on our team. Amanda also talks about what it means to live to work rather than work to live and how that can affect your mindset and your success.

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Talking Points
00:22 Hello and Welcome
00:44 Amanda Tucker Introduction
01:42 Amanda’s background
11:16 Living to work versus working to live
16:05 Amanda’s journey and love for being a coach
19:50 Common beginner mistakes
26:27 Issues that even seasoned sellers have
33:09 The diversity of the coaching team
36:37 Advice for new sellers
40:15 Thanks and conclusion
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