Ep.38 How to Protect Your Amazon Brand with Evan Sauer from R&D Lawyers

Welcome back to the  Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, Kirsty and Isaac welcome a guest by the name of Evan Sauer, from R&D Lawyers, a law firm based in Chicago who has been especially close to our coaching program in terms of helping our members with getting their trademarks set up, patents and any other legal requirements around running their Amazon Business. He is an intelligent resource of information for Amazon sellers. Today we’re going to talk about his advice for new sellers and how they should protect themselves, as well as his tips on brand names, liability, and common problems new sellers face.

Evan is a principal at R&D and his clients include small to large domestic and foreign businesses, real estate developers and investors, REITs, and lenders. Evan also counsels corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and other legal entities on business formation and ongoing matters involved with running a successful company.  Evan has been recognized since 2015 as an Illinois Super Lawyer, Rising Star limited to 2.5% of Illinois lawyers.

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Talking Points
00:22 Hello and Welcome
01:50 Evan’s background in legal services
07:07 Setting up your business and Evan’s advice for new sellers
11:15 What mindset do you need in order to protect yourself?
14:42 Issues regarding brand names and trademarks
24:47 Initial set-up
28:15 The importance of trademark
33:00 Last minute thoughts
34:23 Getting a hold of Evan
35:27 Chinese Law Firms
36:19 Thanks and conclusion
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