Ep.30 Preparing Your Amazon Business for Quarter 4 (Q4) 2020

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. Today Kirsty and Isaac will be talking about preparing your Amazon business for Quarter 4 (Q4) 2020. There are plenty of things you can be doing in order to prepare for the biggest selling quarters of the year. Not only will Kirsty and Isaac talk about things you should do in order to bring in the traffic and up your conversion rates this quarter, they’ll also tell you about a few things you shouldn’t do.

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Talking Points
00:20 Welcome
00:50 Today’s topic: preparing for Q4
02:00 Statistics
06:05 Black Friday/Christmas predictions
07:54 Amazon Inventory Restrictions
09:58 Don’t use hacks
10:40 Balancing act: FBA and FBN
13:50 Back your winners
15:54 Build a forecast of those winners
17:25 Plan out your cash flow
18:28 Talk and work with your suppliers
24:55 Prepare listings for high conversion and traffic (esp. for mobile)
33:13 Brand analytics (trending keywords)
34:23 Get to the point quickly
34:39 Recap and summarize
37:02 Closing and Free Training
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