Ep.27 Amazon FBA Killer Mistake #3 – Broken Launch Process

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. Today we’re continuing our series on the 5 BIG MISTAKES (the FBA KILLER MISTAKES) with mistake #3: The Broken Launch Process. This is the cornerstone of your business so you need to make sure you have the right information so you can make the best decisions when you select your product.

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Talking Points
00:20 Hello and Welcome
01:45 The importance of CASHFLOW and INCOME
03:05 FBA BIZ KILLER #3: A Broken Sales and Launch Process
04:57 Developing a system or a process for launch
05:47 Shift 1: Build a plan
11:30 Shift 2: Launch with highly relevant keywords
17:30 Shift 3: INVEST in Amazon sponsored ads to be visible when you launch
23:34 Shift 4: Properly invest in your launch
29:20 Shift 5: Get a handful of reviews to kickstart your product
34:25 Summary and Closing
35:36 Free Training
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