Ep.26 Amazon FBA Killer Mistake #2 – Broken Marketing Message

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. On today’s episode, we’ve identified the 5 BIG MISTAKES – in fact we call them the FBA KILLER MISTAKES that we have seen Amazon sellers make time and time again (and we have made them too), and we wanted to create a series for you guys to understand these KILLER MISTAKES and more importantly give you the SOLUTIONS to those mistakes and also how to avoid them.

It doesn’t matter if you started selling 10 years ago, 3 months ago or thinking of just starting out. Being aware of these FBA KILLER MISTAKES means that you can either restart or START the right way to make sure that you’re growing your business for your lifestyle goals.

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Talking Points
00:22 Hello and Welcome
00:30 Our purpose and your purpose
01:50 Cashflow and Income
03:30 “Who is most likely to buy your product?” and other questions you need to ask
17:35 When you fix your message, you’ll be fixing these as well
19:37 Apple vs Microsoft Example
22:54 Summary and Closing
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