Ep. 21 How I Went From Stressing Over Big Volume to Scaling Back for Comfort with Isaac Kuhlman

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. In the last episode we talked about Kirsty’s journey to Amazon greatness. Today, we’ll be talking about Isaac’s journey. Isaac shares his story about how Amazon transformed his life and what he’s learned from his journey.

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Talking Points
00:22 Welcome
01:40 Life for Isaac, prior to Amazon
11:40 Falling into Amazon
16:00 Baptism by fire
17:35 Isaac’s partnership with Paul
20:00 Isaac’s biggest mistake
23:40 Isaac’s unique skill set
25:25 The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee
33:00 Being a coach and being successful
36:15 Advice from Isaac
40:00 Summary and conclusion
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