Ep.20 How I Have Made a Lifestyle Business for Myself from Amazon FBA with Kirsty Verity

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. This is our twentieth episode and to celebrate, we’re doing something a little different. Today we’re looking at Kirsty’s journey as an Amazon seller. Kirsty talks about what she used to do before she turned to Amazon, what her beginning struggles consisted of, and how her background colored her unique journey in the world of being an Amazon seller.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction
01:50 Kirsty’s background before Amazon
09:20 The 4-Hour Workweek realization
11:55 What was the beginning Amazon seller experience like for Kirsty?
15:30 Focus on one or two things
16:20 Kirsty’s call strategy
24:10 Kirsty’s first set-back and lessons learned
27:40 Kirsty’s unique skill set
30:00 Oversaturating and pruning your business
33:30 Reaching out to the community and going to events
35:40 Summary and Conclusion
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