Ep.17 Top 5 Reasons Your ACOS is Out of Control and What You Can Do to Fix It

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. One of the biggest concerns we have seen from Amazon sellers over that time is the concern and lack of understanding when it comes to Amazon Sponsored Ads. Today we wanted to go through the Top 5 Reasons Your ACOS is Out of Control and What You Can Do to Fix It. This means we are going to be talking about things that you can control instead of just assuming Amazon is “out to get you” or that you can’t keep your ads in a good position while remaining profitable.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction
01:26 Reason #1: Make sure your listing is converting at a higher than 15-20% unit sessions percentage
08:50 Reason #2: What does your ad look like on Desktop and Mobile?
15:32 Reason #3: You should only be bidding on relevant keywords
19:24 Reason #4: You need to set objectives for your campaigns
21:53 Reason #5: You don’t really know what your ACOS should be or why
30:39 Summary and Conclusion
32:32 Thanks for listening!
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