Ep.15 – How to Take Profit In Your Amazon Business with Mike Michalowicz

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. Today we’re talking with Mike Michalowicz, author of some great books about business:

  • Profit First
  • Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
  • Pumpkin Plan
  • Surge
  • Clockwork

He has also been a part of a reality TV show called Bailout where he traded a contestant’s Mercedes Benz for an ice cream truck. Today we’re going to talk about his thoughts on Amazon businesses, his 30-day challenge for you, his thoughts on sales versus profit, and some topics covered in his books.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction and Mike Michalowicz
02:00 Does Mike do follow digital vacation from Clockwork, and what does he think of the process?
07:47 What advice does Mike have for Amazon sellers who swap jobs for other jobs instead of stepping away from their business?
10:30 At what point do you feel is the right time to classify yourself as successful and if you are doing well in the business how do you know when you can spend money on stuff that you always wanted?
14:42 What advice does Mike have for patience in the journey for Amazon “success”?
17:35 Mike’s advice on changing your mindset about their business
21:17 What would Mike say to someone who says, “My business is totally different to other businesses?
24:52 Mike’s advice on portioning out money to help grow their businesses
30:55 If an alien landed on Mike’s doorstep what would Mike ask them and why would they be here?
32:19 What is Mike’s biggest accomplishment?
33:44 Mike’s Bailout experience
35:56 Connecting with Mike
36:51 Summary and conclusion
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