Ep.14 REAL Seller Interview: How a British Bulldog Mentality Helped Create 5x Growth in Her Amazon Business with Cheryl Alker

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. Today we’re talking with a friend and Amazon seller, Cheryl Alker. Cheryl was able to overcome beginner’s hurdles and has since grown her business by five times what it was, in a matter of months. We’re talking about how she got started, her initial hurdles and problems, insights on her process, how she’s changed her mindset, and her advice for new sellers and current sellers.

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Talking Points
00:20 Introduction
00:48 Cheryl Alker’s Background
07:20 Cheryl’s hurdles and how she overcame them
09:32 What was Cheryl’s mindset and what changes has she made
12:08 What Cheryl looks at when choosing products
16:30 Cheryl’s unique skills that aid in her success
20:35 Advice for new sellers and for current sellers
25:30 How Cheryl’s business is doing and 2020 projections
29:20 Resources Cheryl has used or recommends
31:25 Conclusion
Resources / Links