how to increase sales on Amazon

How to Increase Sales on Amazon and Maximize Ad Costs

Kirsty Verity

Every seller wants to know how to increase sales on Amazon.

And most of the time, sellers think the answer to boosting sales is to spend on ads. 

While it’s a good way to go, ad costs and PPC can be a money drain if not done right. 

So today, we will be sharing tips to help you drive more traffic and how to increase sales on Amazon FBA. 

6 Steps to increase Amazon sales and minimize ad costs 

Advertising on Amazon is one of the biggest challenges for any Amazon FBA seller. 

In a recent report from, it shows that the top challenges for sellers include reporting, marketing, and optimization strategies, and financial/budget constraints. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - ad challenges

Truth is, you don’t need to have complex strategies to sell more on Amazon. 

Most people are obsessed with generating more traffic to their Amazon store through Amazon PPC and Amazon sponsored ads. 

The problem is, you might be spending ads and directing people to products they don’t want to buy. 

Another problem might be because you don’t have a good product and have bad reviews. 

Or you might not have enough reviews or star ratings. 

So here are simple and practical tips that will show you how to increase sales on Amazon. 

Have a good product that will get good reviews 

It all starts with having a good product that makes sense for your target audience and niche. 

Most beginner Amazon sellers make the mistake of choosing products just because they’re popular. Or because they’re included in the Amazon bestseller list. 

Even if the product makes the best sales, if it’s not something that your clients want, it won’t sell. 

If you want to make sure to have products that sell, focus on what your clients want. 

Choose products that are true to your brand. Focus on the products that will help make people’s lives better. 

Listen to your audience and ask for feedback. You can even check out customer reviews from your competitor’s stores to see what customers are saying about their experience. 

Another way to get feedback is to have an email marketing strategy. The goal is to create and nurture your relationship with your audience. 

This way it will be easier for them to request for feedback about their purchase.

Read more about how to find the right products to sell on Amazon here.


  • Always start with a good product that answers a pain point for your target customers. 
  • Listen to what your target customers want. You can check this by looking at their feedback through surveys and customer reviews. 
  • Starting out? Look at your competitor’s stores and check customer reviews to get to know more about what they want
  • Email marketing is a great way to create and nurture relationships with your audience. You can also use it to request for product reviews and customer feedback.

Use bullet points to highlight benefits instead of features of the product 

Your buyers will appreciate you more if you help them make better decisions with their purchase. 

And one way to do that is to provide them with practical bullet points that highlight the benefits of the products they’re trying to purchase. 

Our emotions have a huge influence on our decision making, especially when it comes to purchasing behaviors. 

And as Amazon sellers, you need to consider that when you’re creating ads for your store. 

Focus on how the product will benefit the user. And when it comes to writing the benefits, you should highlight the emotional benefit that the user will get. 

Take a look at the example below. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - highlight benefits instead of features

This seller has incorporated the benefits of the features in the bullets. 

The terms “compact storage”, “easy cleaning”, “automatic shutoff… for safety and peace of mind” make it easier for the buyer to buy. 

It also talked about the challenges of clean up and storage, which is a huge deal for anyone who wants to keep their homes tidy and clean. 

Here’s another good example of selling the benefits instead of features. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - benefit driven descriptions

If you’re finding it hard to find the product’s benefit, go back to who your ideal clients are. 

Check out the reason why they’re buying the products and how it resolves their problems. 

Take a look at how your ideal clients respond to the feedback and review section. See how the product changed their lives. Read how they describe the product. 

Use the words they use in the reviews and descriptions. 

You don’t have to be a great writer to make a copy that converts. Your listing is already a marketing copy for your customer. 

And for them to buy, they have to know and connect your copy straight away. 

Help your buyers decide to get your products by making your bullet point clear, concise, and benefit-driven. 

Creating a clear, defined bullet-point description of your product makes it easier to sell. 


  • Use bullet points to create a clear, concise, benefit-driven description of your products
  • Focus on how the product will solve your ideal client’s problems 
  • You don’t have to be a great writer to create conversion-focused descriptions. Just take a look at what your customers say on feedback and reviews. 
  • Use your client’s own words to come up with emotional benefits for your products

Choose secondary images that mimic the benefits for visuals

Give customers a visual experience of what it’s like to use the product. Choose images that reflect the benefits you’ve written in your bullet points.

 how to increase sales on Amazon - choose the right secondary images

One mistake Amazon sellers make is choosing artsy photos as secondary images. The thing is, this might confuse your buyers instead of helping them. 

Keep it simple and clear with the meaning of the images. Your images and text should be an example of showing it and saying it. 

Think of your listing as a magazine advertorial. It should tell a story that entices its audience. The pictures you choose should also give your audience a feel of how the product is used. 

So how do you do this? 

Go back to who your ideal client is and have one benefit per client. Choose images that show the features and show how your client will benefit from it.

It also makes sense for you to choose images that make it easier for your buyer to buy. 

One common challenge is choosing the variant sizes, especially for items such as clothes. 

You can create images that show how to choose the right size. You can even do size charts and step by step guides. 

Explain the product and how to use them in bullet points. Use images to show how to use the product. 

Look at the common questions in the feedback or review section and turn it into an explanatory video. 

Make it easy for your buyer to click add to cart by using clear, concise images and text. 


  • Give your buyers the experience of using the product by choosing secondary images that reflect the benefits in your bullet points 
  • Make your images and text clear, concise, and easy to understand. 
  • Think of your listing as a magazine advertorial. Tell an enticing story through it. 
  • Look at common questions and turn them into material that helps explain the purpose of the product

Get free traffic with a stand out main image

Your main image gets you the most attention. So it would be best to choose an image that will help it stand out against your competition. 

To do this, you need to make your images different from all the others. You also need to maximize the keywords you use to describe the item by checking Amazon SEO. 

Take a screenshot of the best sellers and see if your image stands out. For this, you will need to access the Amazon page using your computer or laptop for screenshots. 

See the example below.

If you were to type “swimming pool” in the Amazon search box, these images would probably be what you’ll see. 

Most of them look similar. But take a look at those images with people in them. 

Adding a bit of variation to your images helps make it more attractive for potential buyers. 

To help you stand out and maximize Amazon product ranking, we have this thing called the ‘six-foot test’. 

First, decide on the keyword you want to use for your product. In this case, let’s use “swimming pool”. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - maximize Amazon keywords

Type the keywords in the Amazon search bar and you’ll get the results for Amazon SEO. You’ll see the search volume, PPC costs, and competition difficulty. 

Then take a screenshot of the search results. See which of the images stand out for you. You can also check how others present the main image and do a variation. 

Switch it up a bit. Use other color variants that attract attention. If everyone uses black, choose the red variant. 

Choose images with people using the products. 

The one image that stands out is going to be the one you’re ultimately going to click on, just because it’s a little different. 

Shooting your own photos? Here are some practical tips from on how to take awesome product photos for your store


  • Choose the main images that stand out against your competition. 
  • Use the ‘six-foot test’ to see the competition and find out how you can make your product stand out 
  • Maximize keywords and Amazon SEO to decide on how to present your products and to get free traffic towards your site. 
  • Use color variants to help catch your buyer’s eye

Price at or below your competition

While you want to sell at the highest price, buyers won’t go for that. So you should price at or below your competition. 

See the pricing of existing sellers and price your products within that range. When you do, you’ll get more sales and more traffic to your store. 

This is one of the most underrated and overlooked selling strategies in Amazon. 

You also need to remember that it’s all about volume and numbers. Take a look at the benchmark and sell it at that rate. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - price at or below your competition

You might think that you’ve got the best product and want to sell it at a higher rate. But it doesn’t mean your customers would want to buy it. Your product’s quality should be good, and it should be within the price in the market. 

You’ll get more sales if you think like a consumer who wants to get the best product at the best price. 

You have to be within the market’s demand. That’s where all the sales are at. 

Another quick way to increase sales on Amazon is to drop your pricing to help push you in the rankings. Once you’ve got the traffic you need, you can then put your price back up to the price you want. 

This also helps your ad costs because you’re driving organic traffic to your store. You can even use this strategy as a promotion. 

If you want to get quick results and fewer ad costs, then this is a strategy you should use. 


  • It’s best practice to price your products at or below the benchmark price on Amazon 
  • Pricing your products relatively below the benchmark price is a good way to drive organic traffic to your store. 
  • You can even use the pricing as a promotional strategy and then get the price back up to the benchmark rate once you’ve gotten your rankings up to where you want it. 
  • Think as a consumer when you’re pricing your products.

Use relevant keywords for your listing and sponsored ads 

The fastest way to drain your pocket is to use irrelevant keywords to describe your products. 

Most would think that using popular keywords can catch a buyer’s attention. Sure, it might get you clicks, but not sales. 

Your spend is going to be out of control and you’ll spend money that’s not going back to you. 

how to increase sales on Amazon - choose related keywords to your products

Choose the keywords that are related to your products. This is what will help you get higher on the ranking. 

Don’t get keywords just because it has a high search rate. The more you try to stuff your store with unnecessary keywords, the more harmful it will be towards your listing and conversion. 

This also results in higher ads spent. 

Instead, focus on choosing the keywords that will help you convert. The best part? You can maximize keywords search for free! 

Check out this free guide on how to optimize your keywords and listings from


  • Choosing relevant keywords can help increase sales on Amazon organically
  • Stuffing your listing with unnecessary and irrelevant keywords can drain your pockets faster 
  • The right keywords can also drive organic traffic to your store more effectively


There are many effective ways to increase sales on Amazon that won’t cost you as much. 

All you have to do is to focus your energy on getting to know who your target market is and how your products will resolve their problems. 

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