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Amazon Branding Strategy: Why You Need it to be Successful

Kirsty Verity

Your branding strategy can make a significant impact on your success as an Amazon seller. 

Whether you’re on your first or 25th launch, having a strong branding strategy can help you set a good pace for your Amazon store. 

Today, we will be discussing why you need to start developing your brand first and how it can lead you to the path of real success on Amazon. 

What is a branding strategy?

The logo, brand colors, and the products you sell are usually thought of as branding.

It is actually more than that.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s the message you relay to your audience. Your brand is how you are perceived.

The question is, how do you make sure that you’re sending the right message about your brand?

That’s where a branding strategy comes in. 

Your brand is made of a multitude of elements. And there are a few ones you need to focus on.

According to Ignyte Brands, a brand’s fundamental elements include your brand compass, company culture, name and tagline, identity, voice and messaging, website, and brand architecture. 

Your brand compass is the summary of your company’s fundamental truths.  

It gives you your purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives. 

Branding strategy compass
Credits to Ignyte Brands for this branding compass

This also defines your unique thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns. 

When you effectively communicate what your brand stands for, what you promise, and what personality you have as a brand, everything else follows. 

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Why you need a branding strategy for your Amazon business 

Here at Real Amazon Coaching, we promise to help our community create real profit from their Amazon business. 

Our goal is for you to have a successful Amazon business that lets you create and support the lifestyle you want. 

We do that by focusing on the most important part of establishing an Amazon business: your brand. 

Here are six reasons why you need a good branding strategy. 

Branding helps you create clarity and focus 

branding strategy brings focus

A good branding strategy answers the most important questions about your business. 

It gives you a sense of purpose, mission, and vision about your future and the impact you want to create. 

Answering these questions helps you achieve clarity for yourself and your business. 

When your purpose is clear, you get a better idea of who you want to serve.

You also get to focus on how your products can solve their pain points. 

Knowing your brand saves you time and money

Branding saves you time and money

Seasoned Amazon sellers would agree that running an Amazon business is more like a balancing act. 

It requires careful planning, execution, and communication to make sure you’re creating profit. 

When you have a good brand strategy, it becomes easier to plan your business for success. 

Knowing your brand lets you make better decisions. From choosing the products to sell, finding the right keywords for ranking, to ordering the right stock amount, it becomes a guide that gives you a sense of direction. 

This saves you time, helps you sell, and gives you the foresight to order the right amount for your inventory. 

It helps set you apart from the competition 

Branding strategy helps you stand out

Visual branding elements like your chosen color, logo, website, and content gives people a glimpse of who you are. 

It also helps you become more identifiable to your target audience. 

However, most of your branding starts with your intangible qualities. It’s a culmination of your vision, purpose, mission, values, and objectives. 

All of these reflect in the way you deal with your customers. Your customers can see and feel your authenticity based on what you put out there through marketing. 

When you communicate your message well, it becomes easier to persuade your audience to recognize and buy from you. 

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A branding strategy makes global expansion faster

Branding helps you reach customers globally

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. In 2019 alone, it generated $74.7 Billion in international revenue channels.  

Its extensive reach and enormous buying audience make Amazon a great platform to grow your brand and market. 

This also means your brand can get exposure to other countries and locations. 

So why would you want to expand your brand globally? 

The internet and technology have narrowed our locations drastically. Products that used to be produced locally can now be delivered to almost any location. 

This makes it possible to attract new customers and create new revenue opportunities for your brand. 

It also helps increase your brand awareness and increases buyer trust. 

Here’s an awesome article on what you need to know about creating a global marketing strategy

It helps you build long-term assets 

Branding builds assets and recognition

As an Amazon FBA business owner, the goal is to have a brand with a distinct identity. 

There are two qualities you must achieve when designing your brand. 

First, it must be distinctive. Your brand assets should attract people’s attention and drive recognition. 

It should stand out against your competition. 

Second, it must be relevant. 

The assets your brand has should support your promise. It should resonate with your audience. 

Your brand story should be engaging and relatable. This will help you become more recognizable and impactful to your target audience. 

You must be consistent and visible. You should always optimize your product listing and aim for keywords that your target searches for. 

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Buyers buy the brand, not the product 

Buyers may be buying your product physically. But in reality, they’re buying your story. 

People already have the buying intention when they go to Amazon. The question is if you can catch their attention quickly and effectively. 

The images you choose, your listing, and even the descriptions can help speed up the buying process. 

When you fulfill your brand’s promise, the higher the chance of nurturing your buyer to become loyal customers. 

That’s why you need to make sure your brand on Amazon is on point. 

5 Benefits of having a good branding strategy 

We couldn’t stress enough how huge Amazon is as a market. And we believe that everyone has a chance to grow and make seven figures. 

Now your job as an Amazon business owner is to make sure you stand above the noise. That’s where branding comes in. 

Here are five benefits of a good brand. 

You will know exactly what products to search for. 

Part of branding is creating an avatar that fits your target clients. 

This avatar will help you determine the specific challenges and desires of the market you want to sell to. 

It will also give you a good idea of who your competitors are, the kind of products they sell, and the keywords you need to choose for ranking. 

Tools like Jungle Scout can help you determine these factors with ease. 

Check out our recent interview with Joe Cardillo on how you can maximize Jungle Scout’s features here.  

You won’t get distracted by fads 

Knowing your brand means you make decisions based on measurable goals. 

It also means you won’t get fazed by what’s hot right now. 

Since you are planning for the long term, you can also choose your products carefully. And because your products are well-thought off, it’s easier to position and sell.

You can launch faster with clearer goals 

When you’re clear with your market and who you are as a brand, it’s easier to decide what to sell to your audience.

That means you can also plot your launch process much faster and get better results. 

It also helps you refine and define the metrics to measure your success. 

You can write better content and communication

A defined brand helps you communicate better with your audience. 

Because you understand your audience, it will be easier for you to talk about what’s important to them. 

You can use this knowledge in highlighting the features that matter to them. 

It will also be easier to create eye-catching content like videos, images, and even product listings on Amazon. 

Your emails will also convert easier when you point out how your products can make their lives better. 

Marketing and cross-selling products are easier. 

A good branding strategy can help you screen potential partnerships with other brands. 

For one, it can help you see which brands you resonate with. 

You also get to choose which ones are aligned with your values. That way you get to stay true to your core purpose. 

It also makes it easier to recommend products based on your target market. 

For example, if you’re selling cloth diapers to mothers, it’s easier to recommend other brands that have the same concepts and values. 

You can look for brands that sell eco-friendly and baby-friendly cleaning agents without harsh ingredients. 

Or you can partner with nursing clothing lines that are comfortable and stylish. 

Knowing who you are as a brand will help you determine which partnerships are beneficial to your market. 

How to know if you’re dealing with the right brand 

right branding

So how do you know if you’ve chosen the right brand to start a business with?

If you’re already selling, how do you know if you’re working with the right brand?

We’ve come up with a list of questions that can help you answer these questions. 

  • Is this brand something you’re interested in or passionate about?
  • Do you have a long experience with the brand as a consumer? 
  • Are you familiar with their challenges?
  • Do you have a good understanding of your brand’s shortcomings?
  • Can you credibly talk about your items?
  • How do you define a good quality product?
  • Do you know what is considered as good value for the brand’s category? 

The goal is for you to answer yes in three or more to these questions. If you do, then you have a good grasp of who and what your brand is. 

That’s enough to get started in formulating your brand promise. 


As an Amazon seller, you need a good branding strategy to help you make the best decisions for your business. 

You need it to help identify who would benefit the most from your products. Your brand strategy also helps you choose which products to sell and how to sell them. 

Need help with your Amazon branding strategy? Let us show you how it’s done.  

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