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How to Find The Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Kirsty Verity

Are you looking for ways to find the best products to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is known as a price-driven marketplace where people buy items at more affordable rates.

And as a seller, success on this platform means targeting the best product categories and selling goods that will sell through quickly.

But knowing how to pick products on Amazon can be challenging for beginners and even experienced sellers. 

That’s why every Amazon seller needs to be familiar with strategies that can get them the best results. 

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5 Evergreen Strategies to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

The goal for Amazon sellers is to have fast-moving products in their stores. 

The challenge is, most store owners make the mistake of focusing on what they think their buyers want and not what they need. 

To avoid this, here are five practical strategies that can help you learn how to pick products to sell on Amazon. 

Find the best categories for your ideal client 

best products to sell on amazon - categories

The secret to selling lies in understanding your brand and your chosen target market. 

You need to get into the psyche of your targets to understand who they are and what they need. 

You need to be more perceptive of the emotion of what they want to achieve. 

You’d want to take a look at how they live and the everyday challenges they face. 

What are their daily routines? Do your products resolve their daily challenges?

Don’t focus on what category you best fit in. Instead, focus on which categories your target market would be interested in. 

Doing this teaches you how to choose products to sell on Amazon that also answers your market’s needs. 

Check out this article from ECommerce CEO to get ideas on what category ideas to look for. 


  • Understand your target audience and get into their psyche and emotions to know what they need
  • Your target audience IS your category. 
  • Focus on the categories that will be interesting for your target market

Check out what your competitors are selling 

best products to sell on amazon - check competitors

Make it a habit to check and see what your competitors are selling. 

Specialty stores are popping up everywhere, and you can learn more about the trends just by looking at the items available in their stores. 

Check out the cashier section to see which items can be used as an upsell. There’s a reason why they choose those small items and it would be a good thing for you to do the same. 

Make sure to visit brick and mortar and retail stores to get a feel of what your clients are interested in.

Pinterest and Instagram are also a good gauge of popular products your market looks for. 

Look at hashtags and pins with the highest likes and search results to find out which products pop up. 

These trends will help you identify what to sell next. 

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  • Check what your competitors are selling to gauge a product’s popularity and your market’s need for it.
  • Make sure to also visit retail stores and brick and mortar shops for ideas and items you can recommend for upselling 
  • Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can also be used to gauge your market’s interest in a specific product

Maximize Amazon search suggestions to get new product ideas 

best products to sell on amazon - SEO

Amazon’s internal search engine is a gold mine of ideas. 

All you have to do is type in keywords or items that your market is interested in and tons of auto-suggestions will appear. 

The keywords can be as simple as the top items in your customer’s cart, or interests that your customers have. 

Let’s say your niche is all about home improvement. And most of your customers are interested in gardening as well. 

When you type the term ‘gardening’, you will come up with results like gardening tools, gardening books, gardening gifts for men and women. 

This will help you identify other key items that come up in your customer’s search list. It also helps you see which ones you can add to your product list. 


  • Use Amazon’s search engines to get ideas on what to get for your ideal clients
  • It helps to know the keywords that your ideal clients use to search to get a better understanding of the products they need

Simplify your options 

best products to sell on amazon - simplify

Offering variations can cause more challenges than results. 

Just like what Tim Ferris and other salesmen say, the power of indecision causes low conversions. 

The more options you provide to your customers, the longer it will take for them to make a buying decision. 

And often, they will even choose to leave your product page without buying instead. 

Adding product variations can also cost you more when it comes to inventory and maintenance.

It’s also important for you to recommend new products based on the buying behaviors of your clients. 

Make it easy for them to decide what they need. 

You don’t need to stock up on different product variants. Instead, you need to come up with different products that will be helpful for your ideal clients. 


  • The power of indecision causes low conversion rates
  • Different products are much better to have than a variation of a single product. 
  • As a reseller, it’s your job to make buying decisions easy for your customers

Think macro trends in your category 

best products to sell on amazon - macro trends

You need to learn how to look for the next big thing. To do that, you need to check the macro trends in your category. 

Your job as a reseller is to predict which items your customers need and recommend it to them. 

Trends according to current events can help you do just that.

One example is the increasing focus on health and wellness. 

People have been more aware of the need to take care of the environment as they take care of themselves.

Because of this, there has been a huge increase in health products like supplements and pills made from natural ingredients. 

Natural treatments and biohacking products are also on the rise. 

The current COVID-19 outbreak also created a new trend in the products that can be bought through Amazon. 

Here are some tools you can use to check the trends in your market today: 

You can also find more ideas on what to sell on Amazon here


  • Understanding macro trends help you choose and recommend the best items for your clients 
  • The challenge is to use trends to predict the products your target clients need 
  • Tools like Google Trends and industry newsletters can help you identify the best products to buy


Choosing the best Amazon products doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. The key is to choose products that resolve your market’s problems. 

Remember, people go to Amazon for impulse purchases and to buy products they need now. 

The easier it is to find products they need, the better chances you have in getting good reviews. 

And better customer reviews result in more clients and more sales. 

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