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5 Best Amazon Podcast Episodes to Boost your Success

Kirsty Verity

Listening to an Amazon podcast is one of the best ways to learn about e-commerce. 

Amazon podcasts provide you with important highlights and actual experiences from Amazon sellers. 

There are tons of podcasts on Amazon that talk about private label sellers and becoming an online seller. And one of them is our very own Sprint to Profit Podcast. 

Today, we will be sharing the best podcast episodes that taught us practical lessons about running an Amazon FBA business. 

Why Amazon business owners need to listen to podcasts 

Why business owners listen to amazon podcasts

Podcasts are one of the best hacks for any business owner. 

For one, it helps you keep track of the latest marketing tips and selling tactics to improve your business. 

You get to learn about success stories of people who struggled and managed to win. 

It’s also a great way for Amazon FBA sellers to discover best practices and marketing strategies to increase sales.

Benefits of listening to an Amazon Seller Podcast 

Most entrepreneurs use podcasts to listen to upgrade their industry knowledge and the latest news that bring value to their business. 

Experts also use it to share their techniques, tips, top tools, and other advice that talks about their experience. 

Some entrepreneurs also prefer podcasts over reading articles and blogs when it comes to learning new things about e-commerce or other businesses. 

Amazon podcast benefits

In 15 minutes or so, you can get all you need to become a smart online seller. 

Podcasts are also easy to access. 

Listeners have the option of getting the information they need through apps like Spotify, Stitcher, or iTunes. 

It’s a great way for brands to create consistent content with guests discussing topics that matter to listeners. 

Podcasts can also talk about everything involving advertising, income, money, and other resources their audience can enjoy. 

Real Coaching’s Sprint to Profit Podcast 

The Sprint to Profit podcast was created for active Amazon FBA sellers looking for the best approach to selling products on Amazon. 

Hosted by our founders, Kirsty Verity and Isaac Kuhlman, we discuss strategies and tactics for consistent Amazon business growth. 

Here, Amazon sellers can learn about how to successfully run a private label business. 

Kirsty and Isaac also talk about how online sellers can get their business back on track through goal setting and other effective marketing strategies. 

They also speak with guests that talk about their journey as Amazon FBA sellers. In their interviews, they talk about insights and successes they’ve achieved along the way. 

The podcast covers topics such as optimizing listings and getting sponsored ads tuned in for maximized profits. We also cover other stories you can use as inspiration for success. 

5 Best Amazon Seller Podcast Episodes from Sprint to Profit 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Amazon FBA seller, you can still get the best value from listening to our Amazon podcasts

To your brain, listening is the same as reading. And the conversations we have with our guests give you a glimpse of what to come. 

Here are our five best Amazon podcast episodes from Sprint to Profit. 

Sprint to Profit Episode 2 – Evergreen Strategies for Products that Make you Money 

Amazon products to sell

This episode is one of our firsts. 

Here we talked about evergreen strategies Amazon FBA private label sellers can use to find inspirations for products to sell.

Kirsty and Isaac also talked about the importance of planning the business before selling anything. 

Most sellers make the mistake of choosing products based on what they want. And often this results in stocks they can’t sell. 

That’s why it’s necessary for you to learn about your target market first. It’s also vital to make decisions based on numbers and stats to increase your success. 

Listen to the full episode here:

Sprint to Profit Episode 20 –  How I Have Made a Lifestyle Business for Myself from Amazon FBA with Kirsty Verity

This podcast episode talks about one of our founder’s journey as an Amazon seller. 

Kirsty wasn’t always the expert she is today. Like you, she was also excited to start her own business.

And like you, she also experienced a lot of pitfalls and challenges along the way. 

Here she shares her discoveries about herself and how she overcame the struggles of an Amazon business. 

She shared her winning strategies and the power networking has for clarity and growing your business. 

Listen to the podcast here:

Sprint to Profit Episode 21 – How I Went From Stressing Over Big Volume to Scaling Back for Comfort with Isaac Kuhlman

In this podcast episode, we hear about Isaac’s story. 

As the co-founder of Real Coaching, Isaac shares his journey on how he started getting into an Amazon business. 

He also talked about his baptism by fire and how they rebuilt an Amazon business from the ground up. 

He shared how he made a shift from an employee to an employer mindset. 

Isaac also gets real about being a coach, finding passion and happiness in your business. And then he shared how he helps people get clarity and success in their business. 

Listen to the episode here:

Sprint to Profit Episode 18 – How to Go From Complete Overwhelm to Clarity with REAL Amazon Seller Abderrahim Ait El Mahjoub

This podcast episode is a guest interview with one of our students inside Real Coaching.

Starting an Amazon business can be overwhelming for anyone. And one of the biggest mistakes a newbie can do is prioritizing sales above anything else. 

Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub was one of those overwhelmed Amazon FBA sellers. 

In this episode, he talks about the challenges he faced, how he resolved these challenges, and how he successfully turned things around. 

He also talks about why it’s vital to hear advice and be open to criticism from real people who went on to be successful as Amazon sellers. 

Listen to the full episode here:

Sprint to Profit Episode 15 – How to Take Profit In Your Amazon Business with Mike Michalowicz

This podcast episode discusses one of our core philosophies at Real Coaching. And that is to prioritize profit and cash flow as a measurement of success. 

In our interview with Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, he discusses the importance of paying yourself first. 

He also talks about creating your own standards for success. 

Mike also discusses the importance of delegation in your business and choosing the right parts of the business to focus on. 

Listen to the full podcast here:

Bonus Series: 5 Amazon FBA Killer Mistakes 

At Real Coaching, our priority is to help beginner and seasoned Amazon FBA sellers make the best choices for their business. 

So we did a podcast series that talks about the five killer mistakes Amazon business owners to make. 

We also discuss how these mistakes can be easily resolved and avoided. 

You can find out more episodes here:


Listening to an Amazon FBA podcast like Sprint to Profit can help you keep up with trends, discover valuable insights, and speed up your success. 

What topics would you like us to talk about in Sprint to Profit’s upcoming episodes? 

Share it with us below. 

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