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Amazon Listing: How to Optimize for Success

Kirsty Verity

Your Amazon listing has a huge impact on your Amazon store’s visibility.

It’s true that you need an excellent product to sell. 

Without the proper listings on Amazon, there’s a chance that your product won’t get enough traffic and affect your sales. 

Today, we’re going to list down what you need to know to improve your professional listing.

What is Amazon Listing?

Amazon listing for products

Before you list a new product on Amazon, you need to know what makes a good product. 

The right information will play a big part when launching your Amazon product. It will also lessen the work needed to optimize your product listing in the future.

Here are some key elements you consider before you start selling.

  1. Have a good product quality. 

You have to make sure your Amazon product is of great quality when you enlist them. 

Customers in Amazon have the power over your listing through reviews and ratings. You need to check the quality of your product first before selling it on Amazon.

Choosing a product carefully will either get you more sales or get removed from the Amazon marketplace. 

The key to a profitable, growing business is the relationship between your product and what the customers are saying.

  1. Know the right market category.

You won’t get enough sales when you don’t know what people are looking for, even if you have the greatest product. 

Establishing what interest and right keywords your product is in will help you capture the right audience. 

Having a great product is one thing, but getting your product in front of the right people will boost your sales.

  1. Get UPC Codes for your product

With millions of products available in Amazon, it’s important to have a unique product code (UPC) to catalog and track your products.

 It’s a policy that’s strictly implemented for safety and tracking for all parties.

Amazon recommends using GS1 (barcode supplier) for verification of the product.

  1. Have a clear image of the product

Painting a great visual presentation of the product is the best way to get customers to buy. It’s also one of the major elements that help your brand stand out.

The product should cover up at least 80% of the image (with 1000 pixels in either height or width minimum). Including multiple angles, size charts, and different colors are also a great way to provide more information.

  1. Checking your competition

Seeing how other merchants perform can help you determine how you will approach your product. You can check their prices, marketing tactics, and what people say about a product.

Keep in mind that your goal is keeping the market competitive while getting your product one step ahead of other brands.

Here’s a quick guide you can use for Amazon listing optimization:


  • Having a quality product will ensure a profitable and growing business.
  • A deeper understanding of what your product does can help you determine the right way to market to the right customers.
  • Know how the product performs through other merchants and their customers.

How to list a product on Amazon

Amazon product listing

When selling a product on Amazon, you have to check if there’s an exact product already enlisted. If it does, you don’t have to create your listing and share the listing with other merchants.

Remember that creating your listing is only necessary if you’re the first one to sell the product on Amazon.

Here’s how you can list a product on Amazon:

Step 1 – Log into your Seller Central Dashboard and go to the “Inventory” tab. A menu will show up and click “Add a Product”.

Step 2 – You will be redirected to the page and input the details of your product. This is where you’ll be choosing between selecting an existing or unique product.

Step 3 – See if your product category is already listed in Amazon’s catalog.

You can select the main and subcategory of your product if applicable.

If you’re having a hard time figuring it out, you can check other sellers who offer the same product.

Step 4 – After choosing the right product category, you can now input the product listing information.

Provide the necessary details in the Vital info, Variations, Offer, and Images tab. Take note that various products may have different sets of information to be filled out. 

When you click the Advanced view, it will show the Description, Keywords, and More Details tab.

This is where you’ll put the right keywords, benefits, and other necessary items to help you rank in Amazon search.

The combination of the right keywords, images, and descriptions will help your product stand out.

Alternative: How to create a good Amazon product listing  

If you’re creating a new listing, the product should be unique and not in Amazon’s catalog. 

The process would still be the same in enlisting but the difference will be on the type of market you’re working with.   

First, there are easier ways to promote your product with limited competition. 

Your brand should also take advantage of an unexplored market for your product alone. 

The product titles should contain keywords tailored to attract more customers without sacrificing its authenticity.

Learn how to create a unique Amazon product listing here:

How to optimize Amazon product listing

Optimizing Amazon listings

Even if you’re just starting out or already have a product listing on Amazon, customer’s demand, and behavior change. 

It’s important to find ways to improve your Amazon listing optimization and make sure that it’s matched with your customers’ needs.

Here are some ways you can look into to improve your product listings, product descriptions, and product images.

Check your product images

The product image is the first thing that your customer sees when they look at your product page.

It will help them decide if they want to buy the product or not. A clear, eye-catching photo of your product will go a long way.

To know how to optimize your product image, you need to know the basics first.  

Your product images should be at least 1000 pixels in either width or length. It needs to have a clear background, and the item covers up at least 80% of the photo.

Adding multiple angles and pictures of the new product can help them visualize the actual product better. We recommend using at least 5-6 images to get the whole picture of the item.

A little editing of the photo would also help.  

Remember the goal is to make your product stand out without compromising its actual looks.

So it’s best for you to present the product features the best way you can. 

Get the right keywords in your product title

The product title is an important factor in determining the ranking in the search result. 

The keywords you put in your product title and product categories are crucial in driving buyers to your Amazon listing. 

With the A9 algorithm, Amazon tries to connect the right keywords that customers use to the relevant brands. 

The first five words included in your product title will help your brand rank at the top results. 

Avoid overstuffing your product title with keywords. Amazon might pick up the ranking, but your customers might see it as spam. 

Sticking to essential keyword phrases and distributing it evenly to make sure that it’s easily recognized by the buyers.

Get more tips on how to save on your Ad Costs from our Sprint to Profit podcast here:

List benefits in the product description and features

The product description always compliments what’s on your product title. 

Your product description should contain product features and supporting details. This will help persuade your buyers to support your products. 

You can talk about functionality and how your products can make their life easier. Talk about time-saving benefits that would help them see your products as a solution.

Keep in mind that it should be precise, clear, and easy to digest. 

Listing product features as bullet points can help your buyer scan through it easier and faster. 

Bullet points are also a great way to sum up essential features you want your buyer to know. 

When you use bullet points, you’re doing your buyers a favor and helping them see what sets you apart from other brands. 

Maintain good product reviews

A good way to make sure that your product stays in Amazon is through good reviews and ratings. 

Most buyers go straight to reviews when deciding if they want to buy the product or not. 

And getting good reviews on your products and experience can be the best persuasion of all. 

Having good ratings translates into more trust and sales for your brand.

The more reviews you get, the better your store will perform. It makes your customers feel that you value their feedback. 

While good reviews are awesome, you still need to pay attention to the negative feedback you’re receiving. 

Negative responses and reviews can help you improve your service. 

One way to drive more reviews is to request a review from your buyers within four to twenty days after their purchase. 

That’s enough time for them to try your product and be honest with their feedback. 

Get more tips on how to do Amazon product listing optimization here:


  • Having a great product image and the right keywords will drive up the sales.
  • Listing features and descriptions as benefits can easily help the buyer’s decision.
  • Great feedback from your customers will get you more customers.

Tools you can use for Amazon Listing Optimization 

Amazon listing optimization for FBA

Optimizing your product can be hard at first, but after a few practices, it gets easier. But it’s different when you’re trying to scale and have multiple listings on your plate. This is why various platforms offer it to make your life easier.

Here are some tools that we found:

AMZ Tracker. They offer promotions, improving conversion rates, and competitor analysis. They also offer keyword tracking capabilities that help you check the right keywords and how other products perform.

Goat Consulting. They have account strategy, keyword research, and product listing copywriting to help you improve your brand. Also, they help you in advertising and campaign management to ease your process in handling your marketing.

AMZ Finder. Feedback and reviews are critical in any Amazon listing. AMZ Finder assists you in sending feedback and review requests automatically via email. It also offers online support to manage reviews, orders, or even automatic buyer-seller messages.


Optimizing your Amazon listing can help you increase visibility and positively impact your sales. 

By applying the best practices we listed above, it will be easier to create real results and real profit into your Amazon business. 

Accelerate your business growth and get the best Amazon FBA coaching for your Amazon business.

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Did we miss any tips for optimizing your Amazon listing? Share them with us below.

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