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What is Amazon PPC? Tips on Running Effective Amazon Ads

Amazon PPC is a common challenge for Amazon sellers, especially for those who are starting.  Sellers often run ads with the mindset of getting more funds. Instead, most end up…

Why Brand Positioning Matters for your Amazon Business

Why is brand positioning important for your Amazon business? People buy for many reasons. Some buy because of a need and purpose. Others buy because of emotional motivations.  Some buy…

5 Important Amazon Trends To Watch Out for in 2021 

Amazon trends were already looking good in 2020. And it has been a great year to sell for Amazon and other eCommerce businesses. But with the pandemic and global lockdowns, e-commerce…

How to Start an Amazon Business in 2021

Do you want to learn how to start an Amazon business successfully for 2021? 2020 has been brutal for all of us. We’ve encountered so many restrictions and challenges that…

Amazon Branding Strategy: Why You Need it to be Successful

Your branding strategy can make a significant impact on your success as an Amazon seller.  Whether you’re on your first or 25th launch, having a strong branding strategy can help…

Amazon VA: How to Hire The Right One Successfully

So, you’re planning to hire an Amazon VA.  The question is, how do you find the one for your business? And are you ready to trust someone else to run the…

How to Avoid Amazon Ads Mistakes that Cost you a Fortune

Using Amazon ads is a necessity for your Amazon business.  Amazon ads make it easy for your brand to be more visible on Amazon and bring more traffic to your…

How to Grow an Amazon FBA Business with Facebook

Do you want to grow your Amazon FBA business? Facebook marketing is an effective way for you to drive traffic and increase sales in your Amazon store.  It can also help you…

How to be an Amazon FBA Seller as told by Kirsty Verity

Do you want to become an Amazon FBA seller?  Most people think becoming a seller on Amazon is an easy way to make money.  Some think you just need to…

Amazon Listing Best Practices That You Should Know

Your Amazon listing has the power to drive more sales and profit to your Amazon FBA business.  As an Amazon seller, you will need to create product listings on Amazon….

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