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How to Grow an Amazon FBA Business with Facebook

Kirsty Verity

Do you want to grow your Amazon FBA business?

Facebook marketing is an effective way for you to drive traffic and increase sales in your Amazon store. 

It can also help you get to know your market better, receive better feedback, and strengthen your position as an Amazon business owner. 

Today, we will be sharing expert tips from our good friend, Michelle Barnum Smith on how you can maximize Facebook’s new features.

So let’s get it started.

Why Facebook is great for growing your Amazon FBA Business 

Grow your Amazon FBA business through Facebook marketing

We’ve often said that it’s best to spend on Amazon ads to get more traffic and sales here at Real Amazon Coaching. 

Amazon ads can help you attract buyers looking to purchase immediately. 

But as a private label, it also helps you to increase visibility and reach for your brand through social media platforms like Facebook. 

The magic of Facebook marketing lies in the power of its users and their engagement rate in the platform. 

Facebook has 2.7 Billion active users on the platform, and it’s growing every day. 

As the biggest social network worldwide, Facebook has also developed a sophisticated way of gathering information about its users.

So if you have any product to sell, Facebook is a great way to magnify your brand and reach your target market easier and faster. 

Facebook Advertising allows online businesses to create brand awareness. It also allows you to create a fanbase and increase engagement with your users. 

The best thing is, Facebook is also continually expanding its offerings and providing opportunities for selling your products. 

New features such as Facebook Shop, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger, and Facebook Ads help you reach more buyers and generate profit for your Amazon FBA business. 


  • Amazon ads can help you attract immediate buyers, but Facebook can help increase your visibility and reach 
  • Facebook continues to add new features that can help your FBA business grow 
  • If you want to increase profitability in your FBA business, you need to invest in Facebook Marketing 

Benefits of Advertising your FBA products on Social Media 

You cannot deny that social media marketing has a huge potential for growing your business. 

And the great thing is, Amazon is not limiting its marketing efforts within its platform. 

For example, Amazon uses Twitter to announce the latest news and target geographical market segments. 

Recently they’ve been using Instagram for product promotion and influencer interviews. They also use the swipe up feature to drive traffic to Amazon and urge buyers to purchase featured products. 

Amazon also uses Pinterest to showcase thematic mood boards called lifestyle buckets. Here they create a board to encourage customers to buy products on Amazon

If you’re a Pinterest user and selling with Amazon FBA, you can add product links that Pinterest users can use to buy directly.  

As for Facebook, it’s best used for promotions, customer service, and running video marketing campaigns to help your target market get to know more about the products you sell.  

With that said, here are some of the best benefits of advertising on Facebook. 

Increased inbound traffic and conversion rates 

converting Amazon FBA business

Running ads on Facebook can increase your business exposure through content marketing. 

How-to-videos, positive reviews and other interesting content can attract buyers and direct them to your store.

The content you produce for your Facebook page can also increase your Amazon store’s conversion rates. 

Facebook Messenger allows you to put in your frequently asked questions document the moment users visit your store. 

It also allows them to connect with you directly for any questions about the product. This also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your customer service skills. 

With the right content, messaging, and customer experience, converting inquiries into sales can be much easier. 

Increased Brand Awareness 

branding for Amazon FBA business

Effective branding is a necessity, especially if you want to grow your business. 

And an important goal for any Amazon business includes brand awareness and recognition. 

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms allow you to highlight your product in its best light. 

Facebook Pages provide a way for you to syndicate your content and increase your brand’s visibility to the right market. 

When partnered with Facebook Ads, your products can reach the right demographics, location, or consumer that would benefit most from your product. 

And every time someone shares your post, your products’ reach goes farther. 

This is also great for increasing your brand authority. 

Facebook lets you build relationships with your brand’s fans through live videos and postings. 

Doing so helps you provide more value to your customers and showcase your expertise as well. 

Learn more about Amazon branding here:

Provide better customer experience and satisfaction 

Amazon FBA business and customer experience

Facebook allows customers to connect and converse with you or your team in an instant. This also provides them with a personalized experience of you as a brand. 

Customers who are given time and attention tend to be more appreciative. 

This also increases your chance of getting rave reviews and feedback.

As you know, good reviews and customer ratings can make more people check your products. And bad ones can also bear a negative impact if it’s not addressed right away. 

The good thing about Facebook Messenger is its integration with ManyChat. 

Manychat allows you to collect customer feedback and take more control over how they do it. 

It allows you to encourage customers who leave a positive feedback to create product reviews on your Amazon store. 

And in case of negative feedback, you can have them connect to your support team and collect their information. This way, you have the chance to improve their experience with your private label brand. 

Check out more tips on how to create customer review flows in Manychat here:


  • Integrating social media strategies into your Amazon FBA business can multiply your profitability 
  • The goal for marketing is for your brand name to reach more people. Social media platforms can help you do that 
  • As an Amazon seller, you can influence how people view your brand name. Branding on social media is the best way to go. 

Best Tips on How to Maximize Facebook Marketing Features for your Amazon FBA 

All Amazon sellers know how vital profitability is for their FBA business. And three things matter for those that sell on Amazon. 

First, is how your FBA products rank. Second is how you get good reviews about the product you sell. The last one is how to make sure your new product launching is a success. 

All of these point to one thing: it’s all about making money selling on Amazon. 

Michelle Barnum Smith provided practical and actionable ways to use Facebook Messenger and chatbots in making sure these three concerns are met. 

And while there’s been a new update with Messenger a few months back, she assures Amazon sellers that it’s still worth the investment. 

Here is some of Michelle’s best advice for using Facebook Messenger to grow your profit on Amazon.  

Tip #1 Engagement is King 

Facebook is all about engagement. Facebook Messenger boasts of a whopping 80% open rate and a click-through rate of 30-60%.

People respond quicker to chat compared to email. 

And while email is still good for other opportunities, using chatbots and FB messengers still provide better opportunities for you to convert. 

But what if you don’t have enough engagement on Facebook? What if Facebook’s algorithm is working against you?

That’s when you pay to play. 

Engagement is king on Facebook, but paying for ads can also attract more people towards your brand. 

Michelle Barnum Smith, CEO, Your Marketing Therapy

Tip #2 Maximize your FB messenger strategy 

Chatbots are great when it comes to collecting information about your audience. 

You can use Messenger for gathering email addresses, educating your audience, and even send notifications regularly to your audience. 

To maximize this, you need to run your chat promotions properly. 

One-time notification requests or OTNR is a one-time message that can be used to notify your new audience with 100% deliverability for free. 

You can use this OTNR to engage within the 24-hour window. You can even use it for additional coupon offers, upsells and cross-sells, and even review requests. 

Tip #3 Generate Hype 

You can also use FB Messenger to generate hype around your launch. 

FB Messenger has an option where you can send out updates to your subscribers. With just a click of the “notify me” button, you can send out announcements to your list. 

But take note that there are limitations to using the notify me button. 

For one, you can’t go and manipulate your audience with incentives just to get a response from them. 

Remember, Facebook prefers legitimate, organic engagement. 

You might think of using this freebie tactic as a way of getting people to click on the notify me button. But in the long run, it might not give you the results you want especially with engagement. 

You can also use paid messaging as a way to attract more people to your Amazon business. 

Tip #4 Provide value even if you don’t have a new launch

Your messenger list is a great way for you to create relationships and increase engagement with your audience. 

To do that, you can think of your list as an app and send notifications to your list consistently. 

Have offers that provide value to your audiences. But make sure that you don’t send more than 3 times in a month. 

One way to do this is to create a marketing calendar in advance. This can help you be more visible, and you don’t have to worry too much about what to post. 

You can maximize keywords to help with your product rankings, especially seasonal ones. 

Use your keyword tool choice to create offers that provide value to your list. 

Tip #5 Use your messenger list to create reranking campaigns

Rankings are fluid and you’ll never know when you’d need to run a campaign to make sure you’re ranking for the right keywords. 

So it’s a great idea to run a reranking campaign at least once a month. 

Do general promotions, especially for seasonal ones to keep your audiences engaged. 

You can also use this to review your keyword list and decide what you want to use for ranking. Check how your current rankings are and finding new keywords you might need to rank for. 

It’s also necessary for you to run subscriber campaigns to keep your list warm. 

Giveaway contests are an effective way for you to attract more people to your list. 

Consider checking your list regularly as well to see how well they interact with you. It’s a good idea to regularly purge your list to keep it fresh and engaged. 

For more tips on how to maximize Facebook Messenger and ManyChat features, check out our Youtube video below.


  • Prioritize consistent engagement with your Facebook Messenger list. 
  • Don’t just connect with your audience when you’re trying to sell products to them. The key is to start investing time in connecting with them through chatbots. 
  • Make sure you’re maximizing keywords and search results when creating marketing strategies. Check with apps like Jungle Scout to help you decide on the right keywords to use. 
  • Launching a new product to a cold list? Refresh your list first before you sell. Run campaigns at least once a month to keep them engaged. 


Facebook Messenger is a great way for you to grow your Amazon FBA business. 

It’s a great way to increase engagement with your target market, no matter what business model you have.

The key is to get started with the right strategy if you want to get it to sell your product on Amazon. 

Listen to the full podcast here.

Got any tips on growing your Amazon FBA business? Share them with us below.

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