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Amazon Coaches: Is it Really Worth the Investment?

Kirsty Verity

Amazon coaches can help you grow your business better and faster. 

It’s also the best way to minimize risks that you might not anticipate when you’re starting your Amazon business alone. 

Backed by experience and knowledge, they have the tools that can help you work and manage your Amazon store.

An Amazon coaching program can also help you create money and cash flow for your business. But the real challenge is finding the right coaching program and coach that has the experience of selling.

So today, we’re going to tell you what you need to know before you look for the best FBA coaching and Amazon FBA training.

Why You Need an Amazon Coach

Why you need an Amazon coach

There are tons of Amazon selling training courses out there. And tons others offering an Amazon freedom course that promises to teach you the many ways of selling online.

But truth is, Amazon coaching is a necessity for all Amazon sellers.

Sure, you can go for free resources to learn how to sell and make money on Amazon. But these free courses don’t always give you the support, experience, and expertise that coaching can provide.

It’s also important to point out that most sellers seek out confirmation if they’re on the right track and what’s best for their business.

Amazon coaches can provide all of that.

They will teach you what to do from the start, even anticipate future problems that would cost you and your business.

Most of them even offer a proven amazon course that you can use or create a new blueprint for scaling your brand. 

These coaches aren’t just out there claiming to be experts. They have proof and testimonials from actual people and their experience with their coaching services.

Most coaches are Amazon sellers themselves who have been successful in their business. These people have had experience in developing their product line and have created consistent income and cash flow.

They have an idea of what to do from finding the target market, choosing the right product, and finding ways on how to optimize your selling. 

Having the right Amazon FBA mentor will boost your business and takes out the confusion you might have from the start.

Coaches also have a step-by-step process that eliminates unnecessary actions or investment that you might do on your own. It might take you more time and a lot of mistakes to figure out the right strategy in scaling a business. 

Having the privilege of someone guiding you in every stage of your business removes stress and problems in your brand. Not to mention saves you tons of errors in the long run.

Lastly, every successful coach has created a proven system to get them where they are today.  They also have experience in multiple markets that can give you an edge in launching your product.

Even if you’re not new to selling on Amazon, coaches can provide alternative strategies that can lead you to other markets and get more sales.

The Truth About Amazon Seller Coaching

There are tons of coaching services available for Amazon sellers. But the sad truth is, there will always be bad apples in the bunch.

Fraudsters and scammers offering get-rich-quick schemes on Amazon also exist. And it’s also unfortunate that some aspiring sellers get to experience them instead of the real thing.

Amazon coaches fraud

Clueless individuals who worked hard to get their business started are getting baited to invest their savings down the drain.

Some are even said to orchestrate multiple fake reviews, misleading marketing schemes, and using Amazon’s image to draw out customers. 

You can’t blame them though. These schemers often present themselves as the real deal, complete with websites, podcasts, and videos that make them convincing.

Just take a look at this case here:

The sad part is, these so-called coaches offering Amazon coaching programs exploit people’s desires.

Instead of getting the help they need, these aspiring Amazon business owners experience frustration.

It also affects coaching professionals who want to help others experience the true time and financial freedom they do.


  • Having an Amazon coach will help you get to know your Amazon business before you put real money into it.
  • Amazon coaches help you fast-track your process and saves you time.
  • Be wary of fake coaches. Make sure that they have a proven track record that can back up their claims.

How to Spot a Proven Amazon FBA Coaching Program 

Finding the right coaching program is the first step in taking your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

But to do that, you also need to make sure you’re asking the right questions to the right coach.

Here are some of the non-negotiables you must take note of before choosing the best Amazon coach.

First, you have to know the coach’s background and knowledge. Do reputation checks by searching for their social profiles and other people’s encounters with them.

Real Amazon Coaches

Your coach should be walking the walk and talking the talk.

Do they have a successful Amazon business? Are they willing to share their seller experience?

Check out how they manage their product and services. See what kind of job they had before they became an Amazon seller coach.

It’s important to know the person first and what they can do to help your business succeed.

Check their exact offer. Usually, coaches give out the outline of what they can teach you once you enroll in their coaching program. 

If not, it won’t hurt if you ask them. Seeing the benefits that they claim should yield expectations and results from your end and that’s a good thing. 

You can also take advantage of free webinars, resources, and other materials they offer. Most coaches already offer meaty resources that you can apply instantly.

If their tips actually work, just imagine how good the results will be if you receive personalized coaching directly from them.

This would serve as an assessment of the program if it’s right for you.

Lastly, what you need to know is if the program works or not. 

Get an Amazon coach that focuses on results
Get an Amazon coach that focuses on results

Chances are you’re not the first student to enroll in their course. Like any other e-commerce industry, there will be feedback and reviews about the service. 

Checking out testimonies will inform you if it’s exactly what you need for your business.

You also need to take into account the time and money you need to invest in Amazon coaches.  

Being smart with your savings isn’t going to hurt anyone, especially if you’re planning to launch a business.

It’s also smart to find a coaching program that offers a money-back guarantee.

A proven Amazon coaching program would be confident to give you your money back if they don’t meet your expectations.


  • Experience and transparency is the key to finding the best Amazon coaching program for you
  • Do background checks with your coach before making the decision of enrolling in their program
  • Check if your chosen program has a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work out for you despite doing all the job

The Benefits of Hiring an Amazon FBA Coach

Hiring a coach means that your serious about getting your business to flourish faster. At the same time, knowing your limitations and accepting that seasoned experts can minimize your risks. 

Here is the list of reasons why Amazon coaching is good for you:

Get the right mindset

Amazon coaches help you get new mindsets for success

When starting a business, you always have something envisioned for you and your brand. It could be a passion, an interest, or simply want to be financially free. 

Once you do that, you can establish a goal that will help you focus on the thing that you want to achieve.

But sometimes, we get too close to the matter and we can’t see the bigger picture. We become emotionally invested in what we’re doing that we forgot to take a step back and assess if we’re still on the right path.

An amazon coach lets you develop the right mindset while keeping your business intact and growing. They guide you through smart business decisions and educate you at the same time. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn the common practice that every productive Amazon seller does.

Reduce time and money risks

Every new seller wants their business to take-off as fast as they can. The problem is they might scale too early while the brand is not yet ready. This could potentially hurt your business before it gains momentum.

Coaches have past experiences that equip them to deal with this sort of problem or even prevent it before it happens. 

They know what works or not. It will save you time, money, and energy that you can invest in your other ventures.

Create a sustainable, fast-growing Amazon business

With sellers wanting to succeed, they create strategies to sell more products in the market. What they don’t know is the hardest part of being successful is staying at the top.  

The secret in every successful business is looking ahead and anticipating the ever-changing market.

The right blend of consistency and adaptability is key in maintaining an evergreen business.

Expand your network and opportunities

Amazon coaches have a wide network of like-minded people that they get in touch with often.  Surrounding yourself with purpose-driven individuals can be advantageous to you and your business. 

Not to mention you can share and bounce off ideas that will get you a competitive edge over your market.

Check out our 7 reasons why Amazon FBA coaching  is good for you:


  • Establishing the right mindset with an Amazon coach will get you more focused on your choices to succeed.
  • Amazon coaches know the right timing in scaling and maintaining your business’ momentum
  • Having an Amazon coach opens doors for opportunities and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What Others are Saying about Real Amazon Coaching

At Real Amazon Coaching, our promise is simple.

Our goal is to help you get real results and real freedom. We work with you to get your personal and financial goals.

Just take a look at what our real Amazon sellers experienced themselves.

Amazon coaches help Julie hit her SMART goals
Testimonial from Julie Sirgusa, Real Client

Julie struggled in product selection, projections, and launching her products. When she entered our program, she followed our 30, 60, and 90-day goals that help her cement her vision and goal.

At first, James didn’t have confidence in his Amazon business and its sales at the time.

Amazon coaches helped James Isbell reach his goals
James Isbell talks about his experience with Real Amazon Coaches

He entered the program and he was pleased that multiple experienced Amazon sellers helped him.

These coaches have discussed ideas, feedback, and strategies to help his brand grow.

See more videos and testimonials from real clients and real results here:

Tips on how to start selling on Amazon

Before you avail coaching services, you need to have an idea of what you’re going to sell on Amazon. 

Here’s a list of tips on how to start selling:

Find your customer’s interests

When creating an ideal client, you have to think like them. You need to figure out what products they’re using and how you can connect them to your potential product. By learning what they like, you can determine how they decide if they want the product or not.

Find a high-quality product

Having a good product is the first thing you should consider before putting it out on Amazon. After all, this will keep your business up and running in the long run. Having consistent bad reviews about your product will hurt your sales and may even be banned from selling on Amazon.

Check your competitors

The perks in selling on Amazon are that there’s already a market for almost all of the products. This is also a chance for you to research and know what the competition is doing before even launching your product. It’s also convenient that you can check for ideas in the other sellers and get one step ahead of them.

Create a good product listing

Having a good product would only get you halfway, the other half is putting it in front of the right audience. You need to understand what your customers are looking for. You need to highlight those needs to produce a convincing listing that puts you ahead of other products. 

Check out our evergreen strategies to find products that make you money:


Understanding what your business needs can help you identify the right Amazon coach. Their primary goal is to help your business to grow faster and better.

To know more about how to grow your business, check out our free training:

What kind of help do you need with your Amazon business? Share it with us below.

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