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Amazon Branding: What You Need to Know

Kirsty Verity

Learning about Amazon branding can help you increase sales and maximize your business’ growth. 

The right Amazon branding strategy can lessen the guesswork. And if done right, it can do wonders for customer loyalty.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about Amazon branding. 

What is branding?

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Most people think that branding is all about the color themes and the logo you put out. 

But the truth is, branding is more than that. talks about branding as the set of perceptions people have about you.

TheBrandingJournal talks about branding as the more than the physical features you develop.

It’s a combination of physical and emotional cues that your brand triggers in your customers 

For us at Real Coaching, branding is a marketing practice that creates a memorable impression.

It’s the name, a symbol, or design that makes you easily identifiable. 

And most importantly, branding lets you control how you wish to be perceived as a business.

Amazon Branding Basics 

Most Amazon FBA sellers feel overwhelmed and confused when starting. They also talk about not being confident with the products they choose to sell. 

Some even find it difficult to know where to start, what to sell, and whether they like the product they’re selling. 

Truth is, your Amazon business success is based on developing your brand, not with the picking of your product. 

It begins with who you’re serving and not what you’re selling. 

With that said, let’s talk about Amazon branding basics and its key attributes. 

Brand attributes talk about the features that are inherent to your brand. These are developed through a brand strategy and are represented through visuals like colors and designs. 

Everything should be aligned so that your customers get a consistent feel of who you are as a brand. 

This means your messaging, language, and customer experience should be the same in all channels. 

Amazon branding involves your core message

Branding also involves your core message. 

Creating a mission and vision will help explain why you exist and who you serve. It also talks about what you want your clients to achieve after using your products. 

You also need to have a positioning statement. This talks about the ideal clients you serve and what your brand stands for. 

Then finally, you have the product and service that you sell to serve that ideal client. 

Learn more about branding here. 


  • Your Amazon business success is based on how you develop your brand, not on which product you sell. 
  • A brand’s key attributes go beyond design and color. It’s also about your language and messaging, and how consistent you are on all platforms.
  • Your core message as an Amazon FBA seller should include your mission, vision, and what you want your clients to achieve after using your products. 

Why you need to build a strong Amazon branding

We can’t stress enough how important it is to build a strong Amazon branding for your business. 

For one, it creates clarity and focus. A strong brand can help you make the best decisions that concern your brand. 

It also saves you time and money. 

When you have your Amazon branding strategy on point, you’ll spend less time thinking about what products to go for. 

Having a customer avatar and a strong branding strategy will help you predict the best products to recommend. 

The less you think about what to get, the more time you can give to learning about the business. It will also help you ensure you have good cash flow coming in. 

Amazon branding can increase sales

A strong branding strategy also helps differentiate you from other brands selling the same products. 

It may be true that most buyers take price as a deciding factor in the purchase.

However, creating a good brand with a great story and positioning helps develop customer loyalty.

Just take a look at Apple as a great example of branding. 

Buying an iPhone gives you more than just the features of a handheld phone. It gives you the feeling of being innovative, imaginative, and creative. 

Trader Joe’s is also winning the branding game by positioning themselves as the ‘national chain of neighborhood grocery stores’. 

But if you’re looking at a startup perspective, The Dollar Shave Club takes the win. From their name, it talks about affordable and convenient grooming. 

A strong branding strategy not only helps you stand out against the competition. It also boosts your chances of expanding globally faster. 

It also helps you build long term assets and increase your buyer’s trust. 

Need more tips about improving your broken marketing message? Listen to our podcast here.


  • A great Amazon branding strategy helps boost client trust and save you time and money 
  • It also helps you choose better products to recommend to your target market 
  • Brands like Apple, Trader Joe’s, and The Dollar Shave Club are great examples of how a great branding strategy can help you expand your brand globally 

Outcomes of a Great Amazon Branding Strategy on Marketing 

So what happens when you focus on creating a brand first instead of getting products to sell?

It helps you manage your time and resources more effectively. 

Let’s take a look at the possible outcomes of a good Amazon branding strategy for your business. 

You know exactly what to research 

Product research is a must for any Amazon business owner. The problem is, not everyone is aware of finding bankable products on Amazon. 

Some decide on what they think will sell. Others choose products based on what everyone is selling. 

Using tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 can take the guesswork out of your research. 

It gives you access to trends and the best products to sell on Amazon. It can also give you great product ideas and compute fees and other charges. 

The right product research helps you get away from fad products and stand out in the crowd. 

Launch faster with clear goals 

amazon branding new products

Product launches are stressful. But it doesn’t always have to be. 

Having clear goals based on your branding and customer avatar makes planning and launching much easier. 

With the right planning and research, you’ll get a better idea for logistics and marketing strategies to use. 

It will also be easier for you to set sales goals to help you get the best profit. 

You also get more opportunities to connect with the right profiles and learn about the market. This will help you prepare and succeed with your next launch. 

Read more about clarity and how to earn on Amazon here.

Write better marketing with confidence 

Having a core message with a strong positioning strategy will make it easier for you to talk about your products better.

Writing copy is all about showing how your ideal customers can benefit most from your products. 

Catching attention and persuading buyers is the main point of marketing. 

When you know how to converse with your target market, the potential for sales goes higher. 

Your copy becomes more effective and you get more connected with your audience. 

This builds up your brand and increases loyalty with your warm audience as well. 

Makes cross-selling products more effective

Cross-selling is a good way to increase your sales and your customer’s trust. 

For one, it shows how much you know your customers. 

You save them time and energy by introducing other products that go well with their planned purchase. 

Cross-selling is all about finding compatible products that will benefit the customer most. Instead of persuading your customers to buy at a higher price, you’re offering additional solutions that will help them improve. 

It also shows how good you are at anticipating your customer’s needs and adding value to them. 


  • Creating a strong Amazon brand strategy can help make launches and marketing your products easier 
  • The right message can help you identify your target market’s pains and desires. It can also help you identify the best ways to bring value to them 
  • Cross-selling can be a good strategy to increase your customer loyalty

Why you need to use Amazon Brand Registry 

Amazon’s Brand Registry is a program that identifies brand owners to Amazon. This way, Amazon sellers can protect their product content and intellectual property from hacks and fraud.  

Brand owners can contact Amazon’s Brand Registry’s dedicated team to report policy violations and intellectual property infringement. 

You can also report listing issues, technical issues, and escalate previously submitted cases. 

On top of that, brand owners can also access additional marketing programs such as Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Storefronts.

It gives you more control over Amazon product pages that shows your brand name. This way your customers are more likely to see the correct information about you and your brand. 

It also helps simplify the process of finding cases of potential infringements on your design. The search feature allows you to detect duplicate or similar content without navigating away. 

Brand registry then provides you with guided workflows on how to fix potential infringements. 

It uses information from your Amazon business to identify and remove potentially bad listings. 

It helps you find brands and images that contain your logo but doesn’t carry your brand name. 

The service also scans for sellers shipping your products who do not manufacture or distribute your brand. 

Here’s how you can enroll your Amazon store to Amazon Brand Registry: 

  1. Review your eligibility requirements 
  2. Create a free account. 
  3. Enroll your brand. 

For more information about Amazon Brand Registry, click here


  • Amazon’s Brand Registry can help you identify and avoid copyright infringement for your brand 
  • It’s a good way to keep your brand away from bad listings and take control of how you position your brand 

Amazon branding guidelines to follow and use 

Amazon branding guidelines is a valuable asset. Because of this, Amazon requires advance reviews of creative materials if you’re planning to use it for advertising. 

Here’s a quick guideline of what to include in your Amazon branding document. 

  1. Make sure your call to action is allowed in Amazon-branded text links. 
  2. Using Amazon proprietary words, phrases, and products that directly tie to Amazon features is allowed. But this needs approval from Amazon before you can use it in your store. 
  3. Advertisements should be branded appropriately on and off 
  4. The use of Amazon logos must be approved in all cases. In case you need to use the logo, it must be under the standards set by Amazon. 

For a complete guide on how to use Amazon and its assets, check here


Your Amazon branding speaks a lot about who you are as a business. 

When you strengthen your branding and your message, it will do wonders for your business and your customer relationships. 

It also helps you create a better position for your brand and increase your profitability. 

Get the velocity of sales from a good product, listing, and conversion even in competitive markets! 

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