Most Amazon Courses and Coaching fail to get results that actually last.

It’s not enough to just TEACH you how to do something. You need someone to walk you through the entire process, step by step and coach you every step of the way.

The sad fact is, that most people who create courses on “How to sell on Amazon” just don’t care. And the ones that do, most of them have some trick that works today, but will be obsolete in months. Their programs are built around an “energy” or “vibe”… which is really another way of saying, “Just give me money and I’ll let you hang out with me.”

REAL Coaching for Amazon Sellers is Different.

Since 2015, we have been helping Amazon FBA Business Owners shift their business from a hobby and a “someday” business to a REAL “Today” Business that generates profit and income to suit their lifestyle goals…just like we did.

That’s why we developed REAL Coaching to provide coaching, support, mentorship, and accountability to dedicated entrepreneurs looking to achieve ambitious results. This includes an Expert team of Amazon Business Coaches, who all have a current successful Amazon business and who have been trained and coached directly by us personally.

This is a chance to finally work with a team that will will be hands on working with you personally in your business, we look at your product selection, look at your listings, look at your business metrics and help you build your launch plan and your PPC campaigns, and give you personal advice in every aspect of your business to achieve your income goals.

That’s right, we work directly with you.

Meet Our Team

Kirsty Verity

Kirsty is CEO and founder of REAL Coaching. She has sold over $17M in physical products on Amazon since 2013 and has coached over 2000 Amazon sellers to build their businesses with real results since 2015.

She is a Strategic Branding Expert with 20 years of branding expertise and marketing strategies for many household brands. She has hosted and spoken at many eCommerce events, including the ECommerce Launch Summit and SellerCon 2019.

REAL Coaches

Your REAL coaches are an integral part of our strategy and how we help you succeed. They are not only successful Amazon sellers themselves, but they are trusted members of our Community who have spent a lot of time learning our methodology, demonstrating a high level of understanding of our core concepts, and they have given back to our members with great advice and the highest level of integrity.

Our team is dedicated to insuring you get the best advice and support for YOUR business no matter what your experience level is or how many products you have for sale.

Amanda Tucker

Amanda is the Head Coach and Customer Experience Director at REAL Coaching.

She might be little (5'2") but she dreams big, travels far and frequently, and has an insatiable passion for living her best life and helping our REAL Members be the best version of themselves!

Joining our Coaching Team in 2018, she also brings 20 years in corporate strategic business transformation and 5 years of Amazon brand building.

She is compassionate, incredibly engaging and personable, and committed to helping members build a business they are proud of, with an energy that fuels them.

Regan Blee

Regan is a multi-million dollar Amazon seller who excels in overcoming the technical hurdles that Amazon throws at all of us. He became a REAL Coach in 2019, and is a vital member of our team.

Mary Chapman

Mary has been an Amazon Coach, Consultant, and Amazon FBA Seller since 2015. She won an award for making $250K in sales in her first 18 months as an Amazon Seller. *Note - results aren't typical and didn't include COGS, but it was quite an accomplishment as the best selling product was her creation and had very little competition at the time.

Her passion has always been supporting entrepreneurs go from great to excellent and helping them accomplish their dreams.

When she isn't coaching or "working" her own business, she is spending time with her two beautiful kiddos, doing something outdoors in the Pacific NW, US and dreaming of the next time she can take her family paddle boarding in Hawaii.

Kristin Blackmore

Kristin began selling on Amazon in 2018 and became a REAL Coach in 2021.

Passionate about business and personal growth, she believes strongly that coaching is pivotal to accountability and self-development: “Business growth, greater freedom and profitability are the ultimate goals. The best way to achieve those goals is with a clear roadmap from Day 1 and great coaching to keep you on track and always moving forward towards the destination!”

Life outside of business is filled with family and friends sharing time outdoors on the water, winter skiing, watching kids play sport, the beach, camping, live sport, live gigs, the gym (not negotiable), good coffee and cooking wholesome local food.

Jo Cumberpatch

Jo is based in the UK (that's critical as she uses odd words like 'fortnight' and 'holiday' and 'stock' - you'll get used to her!!). She juggles her family of 3 boys with running her own Amazon biz since 2013.

She started her Amazon journey as a new mum looking for a way out of the rat race and to find a flexible way to support her family and be there for her kids every day.

Starting out on Jo then expanded onto .com and .ca in 2015/16. She embraced the REAL coaching program in 2018 and hasn't looked back. When asked if she would like to coach others to help them cut through and find their success she jumped at the chance in 2020.

Her special powers are data, financials, logistics and operations….and virtual hugs. If it's possible to scenario plan something she’s done it!

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